Computers – Open Frame Computer

We offer you options for assembling a computer in a fully open case. All parts are located on a special plate which allows optimizing their location and the size of the computer. Standard components are used during the process, which facilitates further repairs and modifications. This arrangement gathers less dust and is easier to clean.

Features of the Open Frame Computer:

  1. Applying a special coating to each part, that protects it against dust and corrosion;
  2. Modification of the cooling system. Instead of thermal pads, epoxy glue with boron nitride is used;
  3. Replacement or modification of heatsinks (if necessary);
  4. Possibility of mounting the computer in any convenient place, including the inner surface of a table or a wall. In this case, the wires can be hidden, and access to the computer can be simplified.

We create reliable open frame computers to meet all customer requirements.