About us

Our laboratory was founded over twenty years ago. The most modern equipment allows us to perform the diagnostics and repairs of computers quickly and efficiently

We use CNC, 3D printers and other equipment in the manufacturing of cases, cooling systems and any other specific components with strictly specified parameters.

The room in which the main work is carried out is a “clean room”. Air filters provide air cleaning from particles of up to 0.3 microns, and a special air conditioning system maintains constant low humidity. All the work surfaces are antistatic.

The range of tools we use in our work varies from tweezers used in neurosurgery to heavy metalworking machinery.

Our electronics station consists of several stands, including:

  • A stand for diagnostics and repair of electronic boards at the component level. It consists of a professional trinocular microscope, Fluke and FLIR high-precision multimeters, a Tektronix oscilloscope, and FLIR thermal imagers.
  • A stand for soldering chips, with infrared and induction industrial grade soldering stations manufactured by Metcal, Hakko, Termopro and others, using high-quality consumables such as Ersa fluxes and Multicore solders.

Knowledge, experience and expensive specialized equipment allow us to cope with tasks that are inaccessible to most other laboratories. Our company is an official partner of the laboratory at the “Technion” – Israel Institute of Technology. It was us who were entrusted with the manufacture of increased reliability computers for working in aggressive environments.

Our laboratory has repaired thousands of computers, recovered hundreds of terabytes of information and carried out many successfully completed non-trivial projects.

If you need the highest level of quality and service - please contact us and we will be happy to help you out with your project of any complexity.

It is important for us that your equipment will serve you as long as possible, therefore we are constantly developing and implementing creative solutions allowing us to improve the quality of service to our customers.