Computers – Gaming Computers

We do not just assemble gaming computers from standard components, but, if necessary, modify the cooling systems of motherboards and video cards with subsequent load testing assisted by a thermal imager.

Features of Gaming Computers that We Assemble:

  1. High-quality thermal grease and replacement of thermal pads. Instead of thermal pads, we use elastic heat-conducting material. The result of this solution is a significant increase in video card reliability and improved cooling;
  2. Exclusive anti-corrosion coating technology makes it possible to reduce the number of typical failures – cracks in solder balls of BGA chips, corrosion, short circuits, etc., by 90%;
  3. Quality components, their compatibility checkup and extended load testing using professional FLIR thermal imagers;
  4. Proper arrangement of connectors, while securing them with a special adhesive tape, which increases the reliability of the connection.
  5. Well-planned cable management and air circulation system for efficient component cooling.

Turning to us, you get a reliable and fast gaming computer – exactly the one that every serious gamer needs.

Computer - Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are complex in design, they have problems with overheating and are subject to dust pollution with accompanying corrosion.

We successfully eliminate these disadvantages by using an anti-corrosion coating and a modification of the cooling system.

As an anti-corrosion coating, we use a highly fluid material, that penetrates under the large central chips of the video card and the motherboard and secures them in place, preventing microcracks in solder balls of BGA chips.

This comprehensive solution dramatically improves the reliability of gaming laptops.