Computers – Diagnostics

If there is a problem with a computer, it is best to immediately bring it in for diagnostics. Even a small malfunction can cause the failure of important and expensive system components in the future.

The ideal option is to conduct regular routine diagnostics. That will prevent the occurrence of critical faults and costly repair or replacement of the components.

What are the advantages of the hardware diagnostics?

Hardware diagnostics is necessary in case of spontaneous shutdown, reboots, freezes or a sudden slowdown.

At this stage, the joint operation of all system components is checked.

The functioning of the RAM, video adapter, CPU, chipset and hard disk is each tested separately.

Using a high-resolution professional FLIR infrared camera allows us to accurately identify the faulty elements and even poor contacts in the connectors or damaged wires.

What are the advantages of the software diagnostics?

It allows us to identify software failures. As part of the diagnostics of this type, the operating system is analyzed, the file system is checked, the critical updates of the operating system and its registry are tested.

We approach the diagnostics of faults with the utmost attention and we guarantee: if there is a problem anywhere, we will definitely find it.